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A great activity for self-reflection

As part of our weekly reflections, Pepper and I decided to do this fun activity that also served as a guide for self-reflection. You can do it too! Here’s the link. I am going to share some of my responses here.

1. Time alone

Lately, I have been taking time to reflect on life. It has been a beautiful journey of re-discovering myself through meditating on my feelings and thoughts-I guess you could say I’ve been soul searching. This has made me realize how peaceful and refreshing it is to simply listen to your own thoughts.

2. Minor secrets

I stumbled upon one of my mother’s old diaries not too long ago. There is just something about a blank diary that draws you to it. I have since then used it as a journal. I take time to put down my thoughts which helps me think clearly. I even doodle in it occasionally — which is why it will never see the light of day.

3. Encounter

A few weeks ago, I met a beautiful high-spirited woman. She radiates a beautiful charisma that could sweep you off your feet — literally sometimes. It was refreshing to meet someone so bubbly and enthusiastic. Each of us is free-spirited in some ways — oh how happy we would be if we embraced it!

4. Utility

Last week, I reflected on how being kind to yourself is the key to a more peaceful and fulfilling life. I shared the lessons I learnt through this short article. I was deeply moved by all the responses I received from the people that read it. This made me realize how important it is to share one’s experiences and thoughts as these could serve as life lessons for others.

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